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Digital marketing is an art form that sees the convergence of several fields of study, research and expertise. Agencies come and go like the seasons, which means those that survive the test of time can safely claim that they know what they’re doing.

Having been in the game for over 20 years now, Point.b has evolved into a results-driven agency that can adapt to any changes that are thrown our way.

Point.b Agency has been announced as Google Number 1 client in SA!

Building an online presence for your business


Here at Point.b, we offer a full suite of solutions from personalised website development and Search Engine Optimisation
to rigorous social media marketing and PPC services, check them out!

Website Development

Website Development

SEO & Copy

SEO & Copy

Social Media

Social Media

Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Our skilful and competent digital marketing specialists love what they do and do what they love, it isn’t easy to find the level of efficiency, enthusiasm and diligence that we’ve seared into the essence of our culture of restless, compassion and competence.

To date, we’ve created magic with the hundreds of businesses that have placed their trust in us. More than just clients, we see them as part of our family and value them as much as they value our expertise. To us, an unsatisfied customer is blasphemous!

All of our staff understand the importance of continual development. We live for those moments when our clients are over the moon about the exceptional work that we do for them. We like going the extra mile to take care of our clients, especially during the toughest of circumstances – their troubles are our troubles.

Why not bank on an agency that banks on you?

What you get with Point.B


Well, if you still aren’t convinced about why you should choose us for all your
digital marketing needs, get a load of these benefits.

Point.b is more than just a place of work for most of our people. It’s a home away from home where they do what they love and get paid for it! The homey, enthusiastic, caregiving and competent culture that we’ve nurtured over the years is something that we take pride in, especially when dealing with clients.

By allowing our people to express their true selves without restriction, we’ve created an agency where every individual brings something unique to the table. There’s no space for individuality, here at Point.B, the relationships amongst our people, as well as between our staff and clients are based on trust, faith and mutual respect.

Everyone at Point.b knows what’s expected of them, and always strive to achieve beyond expectations. As an agency that personifies competence, diligence, and honesty, we know exactly what it takes to put your business on the map and – more importantly – keep it there!

We’re constantly optimising our own workflows, procedures and offerings in a way that allows you to rest assured knowing that we’ll never let your brand fall behind. Using the latest tools, data and information available to us, we make it easy for you and your business to remain relevant in this fast-paced digital world.

How do you benefit from this?

One goal, one vision: Our familial culture brings out the best in everyone, allowing your business to benefit from a team of spirited individuals with a common goal.

Efficient leadership: Our philosophy here at Point.b is one of faith, support, and individual uniqueness. No one ever gets left behind, which means a world of productivity for whatever project you bring to the table.

Do or die attitude: As the field of digital marketing expands, so too will our ability to cater to a broad range of clients – we say, “bring it on!”  

Sound good to you? Great, let’s get started!

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